Cover Art

Cover art

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Credits from left to right: Molly Marie Art, Rosie Browne Fashion Photography and Wubz Sound.

Press Shots

Photography: Clemo Visuals

Credits: Rosie Brown Fashion Photography (bottom left and centre), Jacob Turnbull (right)


BlackFest Fashionfest 2023

Liverpool - Zenn

Photography: Clemo Visuals and Jacob Turnbull

Designers: Lohi Fashion, Dionne DiCosta, Enadia Igbin, Meeyah Creation, Dionne DiCosta, Dionne DiCosta

Local Space

Roukaya B modelling for Local Space, photography by Val Kristopher Galbo and styling by Ste Wing

Northern Fashion Week

Northern Fashion Week, GMEX Manchester, photography: Tanakij Jivacharoen, designer: Poala Preti

Music video modelling

All I need - Tyler Daley

Credits; Videography - Matt Guest and Rob Dalton, Styling - Ste Wing

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