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Roukaya B has been working within the recording studios developing a new sound - this soulful dive and redirection is a musical rebirth, coming spring 2024. Stay tuned to the mailing list for all latest news and updates.

Listen to her latest single release, Nothin' To Fix. Available below.


Cover Art: Laatreche

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With a voice that effortlessly traverses genres, from soul to pop and everything in between, Roukaya B is a force to be reckoned with on the stage. Captivating audiences with her spellbinding performances and emotive storytelling she embodies the energy of the repertoire sung. Check the calendar for Roukaya B's upcoming performances. 

Featured Track

Dangerous Lover was written from the perspective of someone in a toxic relationship, yet still in keeping to Roukaya B's energetic and fierce feel - even with a more impassioned context. 
Paired with a hard-hitting beat produced by Lil Gorza that ensures a head bop, she paints a picture of emotional turmoil which is rounded off by the power of independence and the eternal drive to keep going

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